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JUL 24 2024
Use the outline below to define your project.
Your Group:
  • Please describe the group you represent, who your competitors are or may be and critique their web sites, if any.
  • Designate the members of your group who will be working on the project and their contact information.
  • How will decisions be made and by whom?
  • Will there be other Internet, marketing, or publishing professionals working on this project?
  • List company/community/group resources and individuals that will assist your project along with their respective roles.
Your Goals and Objectives:
  • What is the overall objective of your effort?
  • What are the principal goals of your project? (i.e., direct sales revinue, distribute information, communication access, logo branding/identity reinforcement, etc.)
  • What end result will make this project successful and how will you measure success?
  • What is your time frame and schedule requirements?
  • What is the budget for this project?
  • Is there an acceptable budget range, depending on the complexity and quality of services provided? Please explain.
  • Has any previous work been done toward designing a website.
  • Will your website reflect an existing marketing strategy? If so, are there copyright, graphics or other issues to consider?
Your Priorities: Rate the list by order of importance:
  • ____Extend services
  • ____Boost marketing and sales
  • ____Provide content and information
  • ____Attract new visitors/clients
  • ____Speed distribution of goods and services
  • ____Create an Internet identity
  • ____Enhance communication/networking
  • ____Gain advantage over competitors
  • ____Create a special interest group
  • ____Convey a message to a large audience
  • ____Stay within budget
  • ____Simpify maintenance
Your Audience:
  • What audience do you want to attract?
  • What are your goals for each type of visitor?
  • What are the products/services involved?
  • What are your goals for these products/services?
Your Content:
  • Where will content come from?
  • Will the site be new, redesigned, or both?
  • How often will you add new content?
  • Who will update the content?
Your Features:
  • What features do you think you will require? (i.e. catalogues, secure transactions, password protected directories, download documents, databases, translations, applications, etc.)
  • Who will keep these current?
  • Are there extraordinary security issues?
  • Are there other technical issues or limitations?
  • Have you budgeted for hosting and maintenance of the site? If so, what is your budget?
  • Who will maintain the site contents?
  • How will the site be served/hosted?
  • What types of legacy systems/databases are in place?
  • What is your long-term plan for the site?
Your Guidelines: Make a website Example List. Find several high quality sites on the Web that:
  • Represent companies/groups similar to yours.
  • Appeal to the same target group of customers.
  • Display certain graphics and designs you wish to emulate.
  • Reflect the same size as you expect your site to be.
  • Have similar content and information. Have a similar overall concept.
  • Contain features you like. (i.e. internal searches, forms, etc.)
  • Are your favorite sites for whatever reasons.
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