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APR 19 2024
All of the services and features below are currently available on our Verio™ Virtual Private Servers. If you wish to host your site elsewhere, please ask us for a list of the system requirements necessary to support advanced web sites.
Advanced Features/Custom Services:
  • Interactive online forms
  • Dynamic pages, ads and sidebars
  • E-mail mapping, aliasing, forwarding, auto-responding
  • Optimization & coordinated promotion campaigns
  • Cascading menus & navagation styles
  • Visitor tracking logs & displays
  • Automatic graphics re-sizing functions
  • Custom CMS (Content/Inventory Management Systems)
  • Password-protected user areas
  • Top-level administrator controls
  • SSL Secure Socket Layers/Encrypted transmissions
  • Custom purchasing systems & shopping carts
  • Online accounting screens
  • Flash/Java introductions
  • Selective or Anonomous FTP files
  • XML (cross-platform) delivery
  • WML (wireless) cloning
  • RDBMS (Real Database Management Systems)
Ø Phi Series™ Projects
National Campground Directory
Oregon Real Estate Agent Directory
Naturally Yours
Oxbow Trade Co
Jackson Oil Inc
Lawn Mower Dealers Net
The Dog Pages



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